When you have lost your remote car key then you will definitely want a replacement.  A replacement car key remote can be newly programmed for you by a car key specialist, even if you do not have a spare key remote to copy.  Other times, you may have a remote which simply is not working, and it may just need a new battery, or to be reprogrammed.  The information below will help you determine what you need in order to get your remote car key working again, or replaced.

Reasons why you might need a replacement remote

  1. Your remote has stopped working and you have already tried the basic steps listed below.
  2. You have lost your car key remote and you only have the spare.
  3. Your car key remote got physically damaged.
  4. You have no car key remote at all, having lost or damaged your only remote care key.
Replacement car key remote.

Car Key Remote Replacement

Basic Steps to See if You Need a New Car Key Remote:

Step 1: If you have a spare remote car key, check to see if it is working.  If it is not, then there could be a problem with the vehicle’s programming.  An automotive locksmith can reprogram if needed.

Step 2: If your spare key IS working, then try replacing the battery in your remote key fob.  You can obtain remote key batteries from local places like Batteries Plus.

Step 3: If you have tried replacing the battery and the remote key still does not work, you can take the key fob apart to see if there are any broken pieces inside.  At this point, most people prefer to call on a professional, like Fast Keys Locksmith.

Step 4: You can try to use the automobile owner’s guide to reprogram the key yourself.  Some of these processes can be tricky, although not terribly difficult if you have time and patience the the remote key is not broken.  Often it is more cost effective to bring the key to an automotive key specialist, saving you valuable time.

Sep 5:  Car key remote replacement may be necessary.  Fast Keys automotive locksmith will usually have a replacement key fob in stock, so you can call your nearest Fast Keys Location for service.

What if you are stranded with no working car key remote?

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