Remote Key Repair Options

Remote keys are a convenience which allow you to lock and unlock your car at the touch of a button. Some remote keys even allow you to push a button to start your vehicle. When your remote stops working, or is damaged, it can be a hassle just trying to enter some vehicles.

Remote car key being repaired

Shown here is a remote entry key FOB for a Ford F150. Automotive key remote specialists can repair most remote entry keys.

When should you consider car key remote repair?

If your car key remote starts having intermittent problems or will not allow you to remotely unlock your vehicle, it may be necessary to have your remote key repaired or replaced. Our professional automotive key repair technicians can help.  Sometimes your car key remote FOB just needs to be reprogrammed, and this is the best option so that you keep your original manufacturer key.  If the key FOB needs replaced, we can provide OEM quality remote key replacements.

Remote Key FOB Battery Replacement

Sometimes you may not even need your remote key repaired.  It could be as simple as a battery replacement.  There are many retail stores where you can obtain remote car key batteries, and either replace the battery yourself or have the retailer assist you.  When you call Fast Keys for a quick telephone consultation, you can be assured that you will get an honest assessment and recommendation.

Need a mobile locksmith for your remote key repair or battery replacement?

Fast Keys locksmith will assist you with any remote key repair or battery replacement by appointment at our location.  In many cases, there is an immediate need for assistance at your location.  When you cannot get in your car, or you just want the convenience of having one of our locksmiths come to you, we do offer mobile vehicle remote key repair.  For most models, we always have replacement key FOBs in stock, too.  Avoid wasted time and unnecessary hassle – call Fast Keys Automotive Locksmith today.

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