Motorcycle Keys Replaced, Locksmith comes to you.Fast Keys Locksmith specializes in motorcycle key replacement.  Our Mobile Locksmith comes to you and can replace your motorcycle key on the spot.  If you have lost your only motorcycle key, then no worries – we will come to you and program a replacement key from the manufacturer’s key code.  We have keys in stock for all makes and models of motorcycles.

Prices will vary depending on your situation. Motorcycle key replacement starts at just $139 for a standard key. When we come out to make you a replacement key, you will also get a spare key included.

Motorcycle Keys Replaced 7 Days a Week

You can call and talk directly to one of our Locksmiths to get a quote before we come out.  The expert automotive locksmiths a Fast Keys are always honest, professional, and upfront. Motorcycle key replacement is available 7 days a week.

Honda keys can be replaced using the key code from the manufacturer.  The Honda Key codes are not associated with the VIN by the manufacturer, but the codes can easily be located and used to create a new key when you don’t have any key at all.  We have key blanks in stock and ready to be cut for your Honda Motorcycle.

Kawasaki Motorcycle Keys

If you lost your only key to a Kawasaki Motorcycle, new key replacement can still be accomplished.  The key codes can be found on the ignition lock, helmet lock, and seat lock.  A new key can be cut for you from the key codes.  We also have the key blanks in stock and ready to go.

Harley Davidson Keys

Harley Davidson keys can take up to two weeks to be replaced by the dealer.  Fast Keys Locksmith gets you back on the road today!  With your VIN number and proof of ownership, we can cut a replacement barrel key for you on the spot.  We also leave your with a spare key, included!

Ducati High Security Transponder Keys

Ducati key replacement at the dealership can cost up to $3000 if you have lost the high security key.  The ignition key cannot be used to make the replacement.  Save yourself the trouble of having to transport your motorcycle to the dealer and pay outrageous fees.  Fast Keys Locksmith can make a replacement key for your Ducati motorcycle today.

Yamaha Motorcycle Key

Yamaha key replacement can be accomplished using the key code.  If you don’t have a spare and you lost your only key, our Locksmith will come to you and cut you a new key today.  Often, the key code for your Yamaha will be difficult to locate, but our Locksmiths specialize in making motorcycle key replacements.  Fast Keys has you covered for Yamaha Motorcycle Keys.

Suzuki Motorcycle Keys Replaced

Fast Keys will make replacement keys for your Suzuki motorcycle.  We often get calls for broken motorcycle keys, and we will remove the broken key for you, and cut a new one.  If you need motorcycle keys replaced today, call Fast Keys.  We come to you!