It is a question asked often of our Car Keys LocksmithsThe fast answer to that question of “can I get a replacement car key made with only the VIN number” is YES. Car Keys Locksmiths can make a key for your vehicle with no existing key to duplicate. In fact, most cars on the road today have what are called “key codes” issued when they are manufactured.


Can you program a car key made with a key code?

There is a bit more to contemporary car keys than just cutting the key.  With the VIN number and proof of ownership of the vehicle, an automotive locksmith can cut a key for your car. He does this by accessing the key code.  Without the original key, the key code is used to cut the key. Newer model vehicles also require a computer chip, or “transponder” to be present in the key itself. This type of transponder key can be provided to you by the car key specialist, and then cut to fit using your vehicle’s key code.  The locksmith will then program the transponder chip to match the vehicle’s computerized transponder/chip requirement.

You can get a car key made without the original.

You will need a locksmith that specializes in car keys. This is because the equipment and software required to connect with the manufacturer’s key codes is highly specialized. Car key locksmiths will have already gone thru levels of authentication with agents for the manufacturer, in order to access these codes for you.  As discussed, a car key locksmith specialist can make a key, as long as the Vehicle Identification Number can show you own the vehicle.

Your car key Specialist at Fast Keys Locksmith has the expertise to program the chipped key for you as well.

How much does it cost for a locksmith to replace car keys?

Aside from the cost for the transponder key itself, there will be costs for the labor and travel time. It is likely that your car or truck requires transponder chip programming if it is a newer model. Of course, if your key does not require programming, then you will only be charged for the supplied key and the labor to cut the key.

In summary, the cost to have a car key replaced by a knowledgeable and experienced car keys locksmith will vary depending upon your situation. When you call an automotive locksmith to inquire about having a car key made, be prepared to answer a few brief questions so they can determine what you need. There is no single flat-rate for car keys lock smith costs. On average, a new car key cut from the key code provided by the VIN can run anywhere from $65 to over $200, depending on the year, make, and model of your car.  The location of your vehicle and the time of day in which you need service will factor into the cost if it is late-night or far away.

Need a car key made? Talk to a Car Keys Locksmith

The best thing to do is to call and talk to the car keys locksmith directly. Here at Fast Keys, Automotive Locksmiths are always available to consult with you can give you an estimate before any fees are charged. The locksmith will want to know these, and perhaps some additional details:

1. The year, Make and Model of your Vehicle.
2. Is there an existing key which is accessible to use for duplication.
3. If there is no existing key, do you have access and proof of VIN?
4. Will you want another duplicate key made so that you will have a spare key?

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