Here is what auto locksmiths do, and how much you can expect to pay

If you think you might need an automotive locksmith, there is a good chance that you do.  From cutting high security keys, to programming remote start keys for your car, automotive locksmiths provide highly specialized services.  So, if you are asking yourself “do I need an automotive locksmith specialist?” then odds are good that your do.

Can a locksmith program a car key?

Auto Locksmiths cut and program automotive keys for all types of cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles.  For security purposes, automotive keys have programming features that cannot be easily duplicated by just anyone.  Transponder keys and programmable key fobs can be created for your car with or without a key to copy.

You can get replacement keys and programming for key fobs and transponders from the car dealership, although dealership keys can be costly. Most car dealer service centers charge upwards of $400 and more. To avoid dealer pricing, many people prefer to find an independent automotive locksmith instead.  An auto locksmith can help you avoid long waits at the service center and save you money, too.

If you want to avoid the dealership and save money on key replacement for your car or truck, you will need an automotive locksmith specialist.

Will an auto locksmith be able to unlock my car without a key?

If you have locked your keys in the car, an automotive locksmith can help.  A good locksmith specializing in automotive work can safely pick the door lock on your car to retrieve your keys.  Be aware that locksmith referral services, and even the larger franchise locksmith companies often higher inexperienced locksmiths who may use other methods of entry to get into the vehicle.  Slim-Jims forced thru the edge of a car door or window can damage the seal on the door frame.  Likewise, tools that force your door open using a packets or similar devices will almost always lead to potential damage to your vehicle.

A good locksmith that specializes in emergency lockouts can enter your vehicle without damaging it . This is accomplished by picking the lock, or by programming a key using the VIN number or key code for your car.  Fast Keys Locksmith sends highly trained auto key specialists to unlock your car when you are locked out.

How Much do Automotive Locksmiths Charge?

Costs for an auto locksmith will vary depending on the service you need.   Car key programming in a non-emergency may cost as little as $50.  Some high-end cars may have keys with more complex programming requirements, which will have a higher cost.  You may expect to pay up to $129 for some automotive key to be programmed.

Various locksmith services exist for automotive needs, so there are different price ranges depending on what is needed.  Unlocking a vehicle without a key usually cost around $65.  If you are in a remote area and the locksmith has to travel a longer distance to unlock your car, there may be additional fees.  Fast Keys Locksmith will always quote the cost to you when you call, so you can be sure there are no hidden fees.

Cutting a car key can sometimes be as inexpensive as $29.  Most keys for newer model vehicles will require programming if you want to be able to start the car with them, so this cost can vary depending on your vehicle.

Some cars have higher security keys which require more expensive equipment and more experience in order to be properly cut. Programming car keys can also require skills which not all locksmiths have.  In some rare cases, cutting and programming a car key could cost as much as $400, but you would still be paying less with a locksmith than at the dealership.