Key Programming for Automotive Keys

Automotive car keys are made for high security and convenience.  Car keys are no longer just cut to fit your vehicle’s door lock and ignition.  In fact, most keys now have automation features which allow you to open the trunk, unlock the gas cap, and lock or unlock the doors.

These types of programmable car keys are not “new” on the market, but they have now become standard on nearly all vehicles.  The benefits of these keys are numerous, although replacing them or even duplicating them can be a challenge.  No longer can most automotive keys be duplicated by a typical key duplication device at a hardware store.

Locksmith services for programmable keys has come a long way, too.  Auto locksmiths who do key programming are highly trained and technically skilled people.  While locksmith has always been a respected trade, auto locksmith key programming is now a highly specialized segment within the field of locksmiths.

We Have an Auto Key Maker Near You

At Fast Keys, we specialize in auto keys.  Our auto locksmiths do key programming, in office or at your location.

If you are in or near Deltona, Lake Mary, Longwood or Sanford, then we have a mobile technician near you for quick response or emergency service.  We service Volusia, Seminole, and North Orange County, Florida.

We also schedule appointments at our Longwood or DeBary locations for non-emergency car key programming.  We can cut high security keys and program chips, as well as replace or repair key FOBs.  Call or contact us today for a free quote and to schedule.

Auto Locksmith Prices

The fees for service calls, parts, and labor will determine the price of your key programming.  Programming itself, without a service call and you provide the pre-cut key can range from $39 to $99 depending on the make and model of vehicle.  We have keys, FOBs, and chips in stock for most vehicles.  If you already have a good key in working condition and just need it programmed, we do that, too.  Just click to call Fast Keys now and you can speak directly to our Locksmiths who will help determine what it necessary and give you a flat rate price.

Never Any Hidden Fees with Fast Keys Locksmith

Beware of companies who will only quote you the price of the service call before they show up.  These types of bate and switch schemes are common from referral services who may quote you a very low service fee but then charge you a lot more than expected once they arrive.  We always give you a fair quote over the phone, before we schedule, and there are never any hidden fees.