Losing the only key to your car can happen to anyone.  Perhaps you misplaced your spare key long ago and never made the time to get it replaced.  If you have no spare key, all it takes is one mishap and you could be without a key to your car.  With all car keys lost, you could be stranded in a parking lot, or even stuck at home or work.  Being unable to access your vehicle or start your car can be frustrating at best.

What to do if I lost my car key and have no spare?

If you have lost your car key and have no spare key, you will need a professional locksmith to create a new key for you.  While dealerships can also supply replacement keys, a local car key locksmith can usually make a new key for you at a less cost out of your pocket.  If you have lost your car key and have no spare, there are a few things you will want to do before calling a locksmith:

  1. Check to see if you can locate your key. Look in coat pockets, pants pockets, purses and backpacks.  Check for places where you may have gotten distracted and sat you keys down.  Sometimes, people will locate their key on a shelf or a counter near an entry way.
  2. If you have searched two or three times and still cannot find your car key, then it is time to call an automotive locksmith. If you are in Central Florida, you can call Fast Keys at 407-782-9040 today.
  3. When you call, be sure you are ready to tell the locksmith the year, make, and model of your vehicle. He will also need to know the location of your vehicle. The locksmith may have other questions for you as well, but this is all geared toward giving you an honest quote over the phone before scheduling your service call.
  4. When the locksmith arrives, he will explain to you all of your options for key replacement, and you can usually get a deal on having a spare key created at the same time.

Can I get a Car Key Made without the Original?

You can get a care key made without the original key.  Automotive care key specialists are a highly experienced type of locksmith, and a good car key locksmith can make a high-tech key for your vehicle.  Key Fobs, remote start keys, and high security chip keys are all within the abilities of a skilled car key locksmith.

How do I get a replacement car key?

Replacement keys are available for most makes and models.  Fast Keys Locksmiths keep replacement keys in stock and ready for use when you need keys made.  A few makes and models will require special order, but keys for most cars and trucks will be in stock and ready to be cut and programmed for your vehicle.  The best thing to do is call for a quote.

How much will it cost to make a car key when I have no spare?

The cost of making a new car key when all car keys are lost and you have no spare can vary depending on your vehicle.  Some keys are more labor-intensive to create, and the cost of parts to create the new key can vary as well.  Because parts and labor do vary, the range of cost to create a new key without a key to copy from will usually be between $79 to $169.  Again, these costs can vary depending on your vehicle, and location, so the best thing to do is to call and talk to the locksmith.

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